Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fridge makeover with Chalkboard Vinyl!

I had tried every kind of concoxion to remove these rust stains.  I'm in a rental so it's not my fridge.  No time to take it out and repaint it.  Company coming in 30 minutes and I hat the sight of this fridge :(.
Then I remembered my chalkboard vinylI have for my cricut!  Honestly it wasn't sticking the best because of the film of chemicals on time to tsp it either...oh wait, magnets!   Not bad for a quick fix! I will adhere it better later, but for now, I feel better!  I might actually take this idea and paint a chalk board front! (But my landlady is fussy and might not like it) 

Oh I DID mention Cricut...scroll down to find out more about or FREE cartridge offer this April!

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