Friday, September 26, 2014

My Happy Scrappy Creative Space! {CTMH}

My Happy Scrappy Place!
It has occurred to me how many of us and collectors, organizers, herders and users.
I DO love to be able to find what I need so I can focus on creating.  This space is always in a state of getting more and more organized.  zi will share a few more pics of my Cricut space as soon as I clean it up!
Just a few pics...

Just of few pics of where I create...more to come!


  1. Can you share how you organized your stamps? I can't decide how to categorize my huge collection ;) TIA

  2. are my categories. They might not make sense to you but they work for me. Christmas, Autumn, Summer, Spring, Fonts 1, Fonts 2, Sentiments 1, Sentiments 2, Celebrate, Cricut (the ones that come with the cartridge) Cutsie, Vintage, Home, Travel, Favorites, Business (includes SOTM), Trims, Textures, Accents, Calendars, Frames, Months 1, Months 2 (discontinued but love these), Fibers (like strings and floss and such) Some of these might overlap categories, but I know where to find them. I keep a red dot on the discontinued sets and put them in the back...I purge when I need to.

  3. They are in the boxes we sell under the words Inspire memories.