Thursday, May 8, 2014

Inspiration: a quick fun brunch idea!

This morning I was inspired by Chloe's (fab fam) FB recipe post.
They added avocado to their deviled eggs!
Last night my Mom sent home an avocado with me and I remembered I had 2 of Heather's (my daughter) chicken eggs!  Which, by the way, are the bomb diggity.  Started cooking the eggs, grabbed the ripe avo, and remembered I just used up all my mayo for the spinach dip I made yesterday…:(…ok, let's get creative…I remembered I had stashed a few packets of Arby's horsey sauce in the fridge because I love the taste (ok, I know it's not organic but hey…) Did it ever taste delicious with my eggs and avo! My other weakness...Chili Cheese Fritos.  I have to say it was the perfect combo!
How did you start YOUR morning?
With scissors and cupcakes?

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