Sunday, July 21, 2013

Party Up 50's style ~ Record Bowls

I made these fun record bowls using my oven at 250 degrees and I put the record on a bowl on a cookie sheet...when they were limp, I wore oven mitts and shaped them! Easy peasy!
We used them to hold snacks like chips!
And I just happened to remember I had those cute pink cars in my party stash.  I bought 11 in a flat bag for $1 not realizing how darling they were! Just fill them with taffy!
Cheap, cute, creative and upcycling! I like it! 

Sherry, Heidi and Deb!
Good Times!
My song...we had doo-wop singers in the background...
plus there are a few inside jokes here...

“Sher Bear” Happy 60th Sherry! Love, bren

She’s an angel, she’s a doll

Our spunky Sher Bear

And she love’s us, love’s us all!

Our humble Sher Bear

She’s the one that you can count on

She’s our Sherry, Sherry baby...oh...

She’s a yuperdoody gem

Our happy Sher Bear

She’s a loyal, true blue friend

Our funny Sher Bear

She’s the one that always lifts you

She’s our Sherry, sherry baby...oh...

She’s got every kitchen gadget if she could remember what’s its for

Banana tress and butter bells and yet she still buys more

She oozes hospitality when she greets you at the door

She’s our Sherry, Sherry baby...oh yeah...

Betty bought a batch of bitter butter

She’s the worlds best sister and awesome mother

and Bobby can attest he loves no other than Sherry, Sherry baby...oh...

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