Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Family roots...

     I remember taking dancing lessons as a little girl.  I did traditional mexican folk songs and flamingo.
I still have my castanets!  My grandmother made homemade tortillas and delicious tamales from scratch.
Even though she was fluent in Spanish, she never taught me.  She wanted us to all speak English.  It is a shame that I am not bi-lingual.  My Mom's side of the family goes way back.  I'm a 5th generation San Diegan!
     My other grandmother was from Norway and spoke Norwegian. I only remember her teaching me to count to 10 and to say I love you, which I can still recall.  I am quite the combo of an American girl. I often think about my heritage and yearn to know more.  Something I need to journal more about!  All this thinking has been brought on because of tomorrow, Cinco de Mayo, and all it's festivities.
     I still have my daughter, Heather's report about our family she wrote in the 80's!
Take time to scrapbook your memories and tell your story! 
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A happy Pico de Gallo too!

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